I am the Head of the Humanities Department at the Bavarian International School where I have taught History, Geography and ToK. Accredited both by the nearby Dachau Memorial Site as an official guide from where I have invited Holocaust survivors to my school and had students take part in events, including the ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the camp where they spoke before Angela Merkel and other distinguished guests, and by Yad Vashem to teach the Holocaust at High School Level.
conducted school trips throughout Europe and China, I previously served as IBDP coordinator at the Beijing World Youth Academy, and continue to serve as an examiner for the IBO . Named ITC Teacher of the Year on the recommendation of Cambridge University, I have received the Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Chicago held a workshop at the 2012 ECIS Annual Conference and twice been featured in IB World magazine.  I also appeared in the documentary 1914: The Invasion of Belgium and featured in the film Gyantse 1904

Café Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night

 The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Road alongside the Canal, 1888


The Palaestra

Like a modern Caesar, Benito Mussolini strides past the Ara Pacis, an “altar of peace” commissioned by the Roman Senate in 13 B.C. to honor Emperor Augustus (27 B.C.-14 A.D.). In 1902, the German scholar Eugen Petersen proposed a reconstruction of the partially excavated monument after studying photos of fragments from a number of European museums. In 1937–1938, Mussolini had the rest of the Ara Pacis excavated; then he had the monument reconstructed following Petersen’s model—all to celebrate the “Romanitá” (Romanness) of the Fascist regime.