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Summer 2015 in the Colmar Pocket- then and now


Trinquetaille Bridge in Arles, 1888
Marshal Petain and Admiral Darlan in front of the Town Hall with Petain's portrait on the façade and today

Gone in 1945, with the portraits of Churchill, FDR, Stalin and, protecting national sensibilities, de Gaulle, now on the facade
Petain's image displayed at the amphitheatre
Bombed during the war

La Tour de Fripons - Then and Now
Looking at the church from the place de l'Ancien-Hôtel-de-Ville
The fountain before the war and today


A M4 Sherman next to the catholic church

US M4 Sherman tank in today's rue de la 1ere Armee

German POW's in today's Rue de la Gen. de Gaulle

German troops in front of the Obertor
German POW's in today's Rue de la 1ere Armee

Allied cars in today's Rue de la Gen de Gaulle

US Stuart tanks in today's rue de la 1ere Armee

The first Americans arrive in Riquewihr - Dec. 5, 1944

German POWs marching along the Rue des Chevalieres in Bergheim, Jan. 1945

German PoWs in front of troops from Combat Command 6, Jan 1945



bridge at the Château de Kaysersberg with an US horse rider
Beside the church

M4 Sherman Tank with soldiers of the CC5 in the Grand'Rue - Today Rue de General de Gaulle


The M4 Sherman "Renard" in 1950 in Kietzheim

Le Bonnehomme


The church door after the battle
bullet holes remain

The Capuchin Monastery in ruins
 Sigolsheim: Rue Sainte Jacques after the battle in 1944

 Sigolsheim: Crossroad with the Grand Rue on the left side after the Battle

Sigolsheim today as seen from Hill 351 or known as Bloody Hill

Sigolsheim: Rue Principale with a tank roadblock in front
St. Martin's church in Jebsheim January 1945


Mont de Sigolsheim known as Hill 351 or "Bloody Hill"


Place Kléber

Raymond Poincaré visiting Munster, badly damaged during the Great War, on Tuesday August 19, 1919.