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Schweinfurt Unter Dem Hakenkreuz


1938 city map showing Nazi-era street names such as  Adolf-Hitler-Straße and Horst-Wessel-Straße
The rathaus 
Westend Apotheke at Luitpoldstraße 20 in 1933 with Nazi flags and slogans reading "Mit Hitler gegen Rüstungswahnsinn der Welt" (With Hitler against the world's armament mania). 

The same chemist's after the war
In front of the town walls
Comparison views from a 1934 local flyer and today:
  Salvatorkirche and Johanniskirche 
The Schrotturm the alte Gymnasium

 The Zeughaus
 Adolf-Hitler-Straße and the same shot today, now on the renamed Spitalstraße. The Zeughaus is at the end of the road.

On October 16 1932 during his campaign for the Presidency, Hitler spoke in a tent on the Schützenplatz
 Marktplatz then and now

The former Hitlerjugend schule still has its Nazi eagle above the door...

... as does the former entrance to the Willy-sachs-Stadions

Keßlergasse 22 with the original Jewish-owned establishment, after its 'aryanisation', and today

The former Schrannengebäude, now used by the Sparkasse bank, after the war and today- its entrance still graced with the eagle dating from 1935

Meanwhile a memorial to the destroyed synagogue is hidden away in the rear.
Maxbrücke, blown up on April 11 1945, before the arrival of the Americans, and the same scene today.
 Clearing up the debris on the Marktplatz April 1945 and today
Keßlergasse now reconstructed
Johanniskirche from an engraving by Johann Herman dating from 1646, after the war, and today.
The main railway station 
The Fichtel & Sachs factory on Ernst-Sachs-Straße after heavy bombing, and today, now the ZF-Sachs factory.
[P]recision attacks could go wrong precisely because the Germans could work out where to expect them - as the Americans discovered to their cost when they attacked Schweinfurt, a centre of ball-bearing production in northern Bavaria, on August 17 and October 14, 1943. In the first raid, thirty-six B-17S were shot down out of an initial strike force of 230; twenty-four were lost the same day in a similar attack on Regensburg. In the October attack -the 8th Air Force's 'Black Thursday' - sixty out of 291 B-17S were shot down and 138 badly damaged. 
Ferguson (566) War of the World
On the Schweinfurt raids, see Thomas M. Coffey, Decision over Schweinfurt: The U.S. 8th Air Force Battle for Daylight Bombing (New York: McKay, 1977); Friedhelm Golücke, Schweinfurt und der strategische Luftkrieg 1943: der Angriff der U.S. Air Force vom 14. Oktober 1943 gegen die Schweinfurter Kugellagerindustrie (Paderborn: Schöningh, 1988); Martin Middlebrook, The Schweinfurt-RegensburgMission (New York: Scribner, 1983). See also Hinsley, British Intelligence, 3/1: 293-96, 308-16; Murray, Lufiwaffe, pp. 164-68. 
The military barracks during the Third Reich and July 15, 2011, when the US army finally relinquished control
 Nevertheless a Nazi eagle remains on the façade of a barracks building

施韦因富特(Schweinfurt)是德国巴伐利亚州的一个直辖市,同时也是施韦因富特县的首府,外弗兰肯行政区的第三大城市,仅次于维尔茨堡和阿沙芬堡,是德国人口密度最大的城市之一。 華語譯名  由於兩岸翻譯的不同,台灣稱為「什文福」或「士文福」;中國大陸稱為「施韦因富特」。Швайнфурт (нем. Schweinfurt) — город в Германии, город земельного подчинения, расположен в земле Бавария.  Подчинён административному округу Нижняя Франкония. Население составляет 53 415 человек (на 31 декабря 2010 года).[1] Занимает площадь 35,71 км². Официальный код — 09 6 62 000.  Город подразделяется на 15 городских районов.  Швайнфурт издавна славился своим металлообрабатывающим производством. Сейчас здесь, в числе прочих, расположены предприятия по производству подшипников и велосипедных компонентов, в том числе таких компаний как SKF, ZF Sachs[2]. Ранее город также был центром выпуска парижской зелени, одно из названий которой — швайнфуртская зелень[3][4][5].  В Швайфурте расположена крупнейшая американская военная база и атомная электростанция.